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We offer CCTV Drain Surveys in Essex to diagnose problems you have with your drainage system. We use the latest CCTV equipment from the market leaders Scanprobe.


This means that we can provide detailed, highly accurate CCTV surveys and uncover the exact problem which help us to deliver the very best drain diagnostics.

Whilst routine blockages can generally be resolved manually using rods, specialist jetting equipment like our Flowplant 3000 psi jetter, or mechanical machine tools, there are some issues that are much tougher. If a blockage is more stubborn, there may be a bigger issue. Before it can be resolved we need to know exactly what is causing it. That’s where our CCTV survey comes into play.

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The Scanprobe CCTV equipment we have chosen is top of the range and will deliver a clear picture of what is going on inside drains and pipes. The components are designed to be robust to ensure reliability and performance in the most demanding environments. Our team all have access to the devices and the training to use them effectively so you can expect the best results.


Since we established our business we have always worked hard to provide the fastest services we can. We do this because we know how stressful drainage problems are and how situations can worsen the longer they are left unresolved.

Naturally it takes a little more time to fix a problem when we need to do a CCTV drainage survey. Fortunately our equipment provides fast results and we can find the root cause of the issue in no time. Once we have this information we can respond quickly and get everything working again.

We can conduct CCTV surveys in Essex on drainage systems inside and outside of properties, catering for clients in the commercial and domestic sector. Whatever the issue we are confident we will find it for you and have the equipment we need to fix the problem. This is true even if it comes to having to do excavation to find and repair a broken section of pipe.

As well as responding to problems our CCTV drainage survey can be used as part of preventative maintenance. It shows us inside the drains to we can see if silt, grease, fat, oil, or debris is starting to accumulate. With this knowledge we can provide a cleaning service before the issue worsens.

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