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At 1 Call Drainage we make use of the highest quality equipment to ensure we can provide a first rate service for each and every client.


This has helped to establish us as the number one for drain jetting London has. We are able to tackle problems in domestic and commercial properties, delivering the same professional solution every time.

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While drain rods are very useful for clearing blockages, there are many situations when they can’t reach the problem to dislodge it. High Pressure Water Jetting can negotiate bends, travel further down the pipe, and exert more force to clear out any blockages. We make use of the incredible Flowplant 3000 because it is highly efficient and powerful enough to cut through all kinds of problems.


One of the trickiest aspects of dealing with blocked drains is that you can’t always see the cause of the problem. We have the kit to help us with this though thanks to our Scanprobe CCTV. It can show us inside the drains and the pipes, showing us exactly what is causing the issue. We can then adjust our service to provide the fastest solution.

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Drain jetting can be used on all types of drains and obstructions. The water is pressurised so that clearing blockages caused by grease, fat or scale takes no time. It can also remove tree roots or anything else that is lodged in the drain.


All of our engineers carry the right equipment in their van and can set it up in minutes. This means they can tackle the problem quickly and get your drains functioning effectively again.

We are very proud to offer services 24 hours a day, ensuring our engineers are available to help clients whenever a drainage problem occurs. Each member of our team has their own pager so they can be notified straight away and be with you as soon as possible.


We deliver the very best level of service on every single job. Clients can have complete confidence in us as we are Safe Contractor members and provide a 30 day guarantee on services. If you want to work with the best company for drain jetting London has we are the one for you.

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