Blocked Toilets

At 1 Call Drainage we have the skills to resolve all kinds of toilet blockages, whether they are in domestic or commercial properties.


A hallmark of our service is the fast response we offer, regardless of the time. If you ever need help with toilet unblocking London based specialists are a call away with us, 24 hours a day.

Toilets can get blocked for a number of reasons. Perhaps unsurprisingly the leading cause of blockages is flushing insoluble items away. Things like wet wipes and cotton buds aren’t broken down by water. This means they need to travel through pipes as a whole. As a result they can easily get stuck, capturing other items in the process and causing a blockage.


In many cases a blockage can be resolved by inserting rods into the pipes and using them to break up the clog of materials. If this does not work pressure jetting or mechanical drain machines can be used to get rid of stubborn blockages.

One of the things we have become renowned for is our fast services. The trick to doing this is we have access to a great selection of equipment including Scanprobe CCTV. This means we can find the cause of the problem and deliver the most suitable solution within a short space of time. It is no surprise we are the company of choice for clients who experience emergencies with blocked toilets.


Our team of engineers are very highly trained so they can work on toilets in both commercial and domestic properties. This is important because plumbing systems can vary in terms of complexity; without the right training issues are harder to resolve.

The toilet blocking service we offer is available all across Southend on Sea. We provide a 2 hour response time day and night to ensure an engineer is with you as quickly as possible when you report a problem to us. Whether it is a straightforward fix or a more complex issue, we will do our best to get your drainage functioning properly as soon as we can.


The great thing about us being available 24 hours a day is you don’t need to wait when you encounter an issue. We understand that the longer you leave a problem the more unpleasant and costly it can become. We will keep both to a minimum.


If you would like to find out why we are rated as the best at toilet unblocking southend on sea has please get in touch.

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