Kitchen Blockages

Kitchens are arguably at the most risk of experiencing blocked drains as a result of the things that find their way down sinks and basins.


Pieces of food, fat, grease, and oil can all result in a blockage, reducing the flow and eventually leaving you with a very messy situation to deal with. Fortunately we are the most accomplished company at dealing with kitchen blockages London has. People can call on us for a fast, effective solution to the problem.

At 1 Call Drainage we have the skills and experience to tackle blocked drains in both domestic and commercial kitchens. Our team are Water Jet Association (WJA) trained and have the very best equipment at their disposal. Whether the problem is caused by an accumulation of food or deposits of grease, fat or oil, we can resolve it.


Before deciding which method we need to use to resolve the problem we need to find the cause. Our team can do a survey to accomplish this, even employing high quality Scanprobe CCTV if we need to get a look inside the pipes.

Rodding can be employed if the problem is caused by accumulated food and other dirt. The rods can be fed into pipes and break the clog apart so that it can wash away and restore the flow.


Fat, grease and oil tend to cause the most problems with kitchen drains though. Many people wash them down sinks and basins when they are hot thinking they will flow away. Unfortunately the pipes are cold and when the hot liquids reach them they can quickly harden and be deposited. Over time the accumulation can restrict or prevent flows.

Pressure jetting is the best way to tackle fat, grease and oil build-ups. It can quickly cut through the materials, stripping them away and leaving the pipes clear. Our team use Flowplant 3000 psi equipment to do this because it is incredibly powerful and efficient.


Our team are available 24 hours a day and we work hard to ensure response times are as small as possible. We have a dedicated help desk that you can reach whenever you have a problem and we will contact our engineers on their pagers to send them out to you.

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