Drain Repairs

In some cases restricted flows and blockages can be caused by damage to the drains and pipes.


In these cases services like rodding and pressure washing may not be enough to resolve the issue. Instead professional drain repairs may be needed to replace damaged sections. Fortunately the 1 Call Drainage team can also take on these jobs.

In order to provide a complete repair it is first important to get information on the extent of the damage. CCTV equipment can prove to be invaluable here because it can see further into pipes than an engineer could do. The images the technology provides give you details of the problem and what will be needed to resolve it.


At 1 Call Drainage we use quality Scanprobe CCTV. They are the market leader in drain camera technology, offering a wide array of devices to suit drains, sewers and water mains of various diameters. Our team are highly trained at using the devices and can uncover everything about the drainage system with them.

Drains can be damaged for any number of reasons, including tree roots, building work, incorrect installation, and even large foreign objects clogged in them. Once we determine the cause using the CCTV equipment we will provide an effective repair.


Drain repairs can take much longer than unblocking and cleaning them. On top of the time it takes to survey for the problem accessing the pipe to conduct repairs may require excavation. This is time consuming and needs to be done with care to ensure further damages are not caused. Fortunately we are highly skilled at it and will work hard to provide the fastest services we can.

On top of providing the repairs themselves we can also advise our clients regarding the signs that indicate a drain is damaged. Backups, blockages and slow flows are the most noticeable but not the only things to be aware of. Strong sewer gas odours, pests, mould, septic waste pooling in gardens, and even lush green patches on lawns can be an indication of a breakage.


If you have any inkling that you are suffering due to a broken or collapsed drain please contact us promptly. We will respond quickly, investigate the problem for you, and provide repairs where necessary. Our team work to the highest standards and we provide assurances on the quality with our 30 day guarantees.

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