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Blocked drains can occur because of a build-up of debris over time or a blockage caused by a sudden issue such as a collapsed pipe or a large item being flushed away.


Both problems can be resolved but different techniques may be needed to do so. The best way to determine which to use is to conduct a drain survey. At 1 Call Drainage we offer blocked drain repairs using CCTV drain surveys Basildon based clients can rely on to provide a clear idea of what services are needed.

In order to generate the most useful images from inside of pipes and drains you need the right equipment. After-all these are dark settings with lots of dirt, moisture, and other unpleasant elements to deal with.


Standard devices would not be able to deal with the conditions. That is why we selected equipment made by market leader Scanprobe. They create durable devices made to stand up to these settings.

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The most important feature of the CCTV equipment we use is it can deliver clear, quality images. These can reveal exactly what the problem is as well as showcasing what the conditions are like inside of pipes.


Over time deposits of dirt, silt, grease, and fat can restrict the amount of space available for water to flow. The images will show if this is the case and indicate if jet washing will be needed to clear everything away.

When we survey a drainage system we work carefully to ensure it is inspected as much as possible. We look for any signs that could indicate a problem, from clogs to deposits and even wear to pipes. That way when we come to report back to the client we can give them a clear list of recommendations. These will include what services are needed to resolve the imminent problem and what additional things can be done to provide long term benefits.

We are committed to providing the highest quality, most comprehensive service possible. Clients can arrange drain surveys with us when there is an issue, as a preventative measure, or even when they are looking to learn as much as possible about a property before they purchase it. Each survey will provide great value for money and be finished as quickly as possible.

If they ever find themselves in need of CCTV drain surveys Basildon based clients can come to us with complete confidence. We will deliver a professional service that reveals exactly what is going on in drains and pipes.

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