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There are a number of benefits to contacting 1 Call Drainage if you experience problems with blocked drains in Raleigh. As the most reliable team for CCTV drain surveys Rayleigh has, we can quickly find the source of an issue and determine the right way to resolve it. The end result is an efficient solution and cost effective service.

A selection of different techniques can be employed to resolve a blocked drain. Rods can be inserted to physically break up blockages, pressure jetting can strip various deposits from inside of pipes, and there are even options to cut through tough debris. Choosing the right method of resolving the issue is important; if the wrong one is used it may be ineffective or even run the risk of damage.


The best way to determine which technique to use is to first conduct a CCTV drain survey. This provides more information about what is going on in the pipes and drains. As a result there is no need for trial and error and a suitable method can be employed from the outset. Ultimately this saves on time and costs whilst also minimising the potential of issues.

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When we provide a survey we utilise equipment designed specifically for drains. It is made by market leader Scanprobe and will deliver fantastic results in every single setting. Our team are highly experienced with it, allowing us to work inside properties and in public settings too.


With the Scanprobe equipment we can see high definition images of the inside of drains and pipes. The devices are designed for use in these dark, dirty settings. This allows us to spot clogs, determine if there are problematic deposits of silt, grease, and fat, or spot signs of damage.

We are happy to provide surveys to suit different needs. Clients can call on us to find the cause of slow drains or backing-up and flooding. We can also offer services to survey properties before purchase or as part of preventative maintenance. In each case the service is quick and cost effective.

Once we know what the condition of the drainage system is we can provide a solution. That way, clients don’t need to call on an additional company and we can save even more time in the process. We understand how important it is to resolve problems quickly and always focus on efficiency.

If you want to arrange services there is no better provider of CCTV drain surveys Rayleigh property owners can call on than us. Get in touch with 1 Call Drainage today.

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