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At 1 Call Drainage in Southend, we know how tricky it can be to effectively a blocked drain without seeing into pipes.


The problem could be located deep inside the drains system within the property or even be situated outside of it in the sewers. Luckily we have invested in top of the line Scanprobe equipment so we can get a closer look. As a result we are the number one provider of CCTV drain surveys in Southend & clients rely on us to provide efficient solutions.

An important thing to keep in mind is that most drain cleaning techniques are forceful in one way or another. For example steel rods may be inserted into pipes to physically break clogs apart or pressure jetting could be employed to strip away debris that has been deposited.


If these services are used without a good understanding of the problem they may not resolve it and could risk damage to the infrastructure. Therefore a survey is doubly important.

You can’t just use any old CCTV survey equipment to survey drains in Southend though. These locations are dirty and home to excessive moisture, both of which could damage the devices if they are not designed to withstand it. That is why we choose to only use equipment from Scanprobe, a leading brand who creates equipment specifically for drainage use.

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Our drainage contractors in Southend are well trained and conduct each drain survey with the utmost professionalism. Although we focus on efficiency we ensure that clear images of the pipes and drains are taken every step of the way. This means we can find big problems and also spot signs of wear or deposits that could become an issue in the future. The end result is we can tackle the current problem and provide information that will be useful for avoiding further difficulties in the future.

When we report our findings back to the client we will provide recommendations for additional services. We provide the same level of professionalism when we remove blockages, clean inside of pipes, and conduct repairs. As a result clients can feel completely confident working with us from start to finish.

If you are plagued by drain problems or want to be proactive and reduce the risk of them occurring you can contact us to arrange a survey. We are proud to be the leading provider of CCTV drain surveys in Southend on Sea.

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