One of the most common obstacles to resolving drainage problems is finding the location of the issue. Sometimes the clog or blockage can be deep inside the pipes where it is very tricky to see.


Luckily a quick solution to this is to employ top of the line cameras and conduct a survey. As one of the leading names for CCTV drain surveys Southend has to offer, we know how valuable the service can be.

The great thing about CCTV surveys is they can locate a problem with ease. The equipment is simply fed into the pipes and will take images of the interior. This information can then be used to determine exactly what kind of service is needed. As a result it saves time and also helps to prevent damage to systems from using inappropriate methods.

At 1 Call Drainage we have invested in the latest Scanprobe equipment. These devices are designed specifically for use in pipes and drainage systems, ensuring they can cope with the moisture, dirt, and other unpleasant items that may be in the area. None of these elements will affect the quality of the images that is collected so the right service can be provided.

Surprisingly CCTV drain surveys are not only useful when you experience a blockage. They may also prove to be a wise investment when you buy a new property.


That way you can be proactive and protect yourself from any unpleasant problems that may be lurking. With a quick check it is possible to determine if drain cleaning will be necessary sooner rather than later.

The reason our service is so widely regarded amongst clients in Southend is we can also resolve any issues that our surveys find.


Our team are very highly trained and equipped with all of the necessary equipment to get rid of clogs, remove build-ups of silt, grease, and fat in pipes, and even conduct repairs on damaged sections.

All of our services come with a fantastic 30 day guaranteed. That means clients have some additional protection in place and can come to us if there are any issues. We don’t foresee any though because we are a professional company and work to the very highest standards.


When they need to arrange CCTV drain surveys Southend residents and business owners should call on us. We can also offer useful information about looking after drainage systems and reducing the risk of problems occurring.

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