Blocked Drains

Many people don’t consider the condition of the drains inside and outside of their properties until there is a problem.


This can leave them at risk of encountering all kinds of unpleasant problems. At 1 Call Drainage we provide an array of services to help keep drains in great condition and repair issues promptly. This has helped us become the number one for drainage London has.

Drain problems can occur for a number of different reasons, including damaged pipes, blockages caused by debris, and build-ups of fat, grease, and silt. Our highly trained team can locate the exact cause of the issue and provide the most effective solution. Ultimately we will ensure that drains return to their efficient best as quickly as possible.


In order to find problems and determine exactly what is going on inside drains and pipes we make use of Scanprobe CCTV equipment. The devices are designed specifically for use in these challenging settings and can effectively reveal conditions. As a result we can see precisely what is needed to fix the problem.

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When it comes to blockages there are a number of ways to resolve the issue depending on what is causing it. Rods can be used to dislodge and break up debris, ensuring it is washed away safely. Pressure jetting is good for stripping fat, grease and silt from inside pipes, opening them up and returning the flow to normal. Mechanical drain machine tools can even be called on to resolve stubborn blockages.


The toughest problems to fix are those caused by broken or collapsed pipes. In these cases excavation may be necessary to allow engineers to access the pipe and replace the broken section.

The 1 Call Drainage team have the knowledge to choose the right option to fix the problem. Each engineer is also highly trained at using the equipment that is available to them. This includes training from the Water Jet Association (WJA).

Whether you encounter a common blockage or a trickier job we can resolve it for you. Our services are available 24 hours a day and all work is covered by a 30 day guarantee. We are Safe Contractor members and ensure we deliver the highest standards on every single job.

If you have a problem with your drainage London based specialists can be on hand in no time if you contact us.

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